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The concept of t-shirt design is quite a popular outlet for creativity. Whether you are a graphic designer or an illustrator, the idea of putting your designs on a T-shirt can be hugely tempting. 

The real process is, however, frightening! Here are some of the best tips given to create a custom t-shirt design and get your own t-shirts printed. Check out the tips to get help! 

Investing time to explore the concept 

As it is a creative part, you need to invest time and effort to get the best output. Sketch the t-shirt graphic design, take a walk, create a few variations, keep something to eat with you, and do a full deliberating process. Sleep on it and do the process over again. If it is coming to you straight away, then it is a great thing! Do check the other creative options as well. 

Dreaming up the design on the t-shirt 

Those who have worked with both print and web over the years must be familiar with the difference between a design on-screen and a printed piece. Don’t be anxious to mock up your t-shirt design on the photo of a model. Go for a printout if required, and place it on the actual t-shirt. Also, make sure that you see your artwork at a substantial size. 

Keep things simple

If you are good at drawing, everyone appreciates it and gives attention to detail. There is nothing better than visualizing a well-performed masterpiece on the t-shirt, which can be studied for hours. 

On the other hand, some of the most classic t-shirt designs are uncomplicated and spread the message across through their elementary form. You may have to struggle in the middle for delivering a successful design. 

Considering your market 

An important point to consider! Whether you are designing for males or females? Are you targeting old or young through this? The only mission for your t-shirt screen printing Vancouver is to make people wear that particular product like t-shirts, custom socks.

Copying the idea of a good brand designer, make a list of the exact audience you want to target for your t-shirt design – who they are, what they are like, what other brands they are related to and go from there. 

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Suppose that you have decided to produce a humorous t-shirt design, what you wouldn’t want is it coming across as a cheap and low-cost joke shirt. Even the most successful loud designs have sophisticated humor. Believe it or not, but humor can turn heads. 

Picking the right colors

Using effective colors for t-shirts is a good option and tries to go with complementary colors. The colors play an important part in the design of the t-shirt. Make sure that it is an enticing one!

Preparing for your artwork

Use Pantone colors while you are working on cheap screen printing t shirts, the printer will love it! Another tip is to outline the text and expand any strokes if you have one. There are many good tutorials out there to guide you, depending on what software you are using. 

A Good printer is required 

Now suppose you are done with design and proper artwork, but your t-shirt will be only as good as your printer. Go with a reputed company to get the best results. You can also take help from your local screen printer by giving a call.

But you should have a clear idea of what type of tee you want to print on. What affect the end product is the weight, size, labeling options, cost, and many other options.

This will take a bit of your time and make you connect to various companies, but one thing to take care of is to deal with the company that aims to treat your tee as an end retail product and will handle your work with care. Screen printing is an art and you will love it!

Education is important 

To have a good understanding of anything, you need to study it and completely understand its framework. The t-shirts have come out of every subculture phenomenon that has ever existed, whether it is street art, music, sports, or general pop culture. 

Be Advance of the Game

Get inspired with the latest trends in the market, but don’t copy them. There are chances that you have seen the production of t-shirt, but there can be other techniques behind closed doors, you never know what’s cooking inside!

Bottom Lines 

Hope the above-mentioned tips help you out in the t-shirt printing process. Getting an expert to advise to get started in t-shirt design or improving your skills is a total worth of time. Don’t think much and try your hands into this new trend to give your business exposure. 

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