Colorful Painting Activities For Better Entertainment

Painting Activities

Activity with entertaining and colorful painting. When we talk about how to occupy the kids in kindergarten or during the holidays, there is nothing easier than to give them a piece of paper and a few pencils or paint. A favorite activity for toddlers, drawing, and painting, is fun and develops imagination, concentrate, and fine motor skills. But to make this magnificent occupation more attractive to the little ones, it is good to diversify the ways of painting in terms of painting tools and supports. Then get inspired by our super original paint activity suggestions to try a cool drawing idea today.

Land Art for Children – Painting Project in Kindergarten with Fallen Leaves

Materials and tools needed:

  • Tree leaves
  • Painting
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper


1. Collect tree leaves of various shapes for your project.

2. Then, paint the face of a sheet with one or more paint colors of your choice.

3. Press the sheet, the side smeared with paint, against a canvas or simple sheet of colored paper to leave an imprint. Do the identical by the base of the leaves.

Painting Project with Cotton Swabs – a Super Fun Rainbow Creative Activity

Painting Project with Cotton Swabs
Painting Project with Cotton Swabs

Materials and tools needed:

  • 7 cotton swabs
  • Tape
  • 7 colors of acrylic paint for the rainbow pattern
  • Kraft paper
  • Glue
  • Pompoms or cotton swabs


1. Arrange 3 cotton swabs in a row and secure them together with a strip of duct tape askew. Do the same with the 3 remaining stems.

2. Then, soak each end of the first batch of cotton swabs in a different colored paint. Make a rainbow pattern on a blank piece of paper with the first pair of cotton swabs and then the second.

3. Glue colorful pompoms to make the clouds appear on both ends of the rainbow. Here! A simple tutorial just in 3 steps.

Painting on seashells – perfect idea for summer manual activity

Materials needed:

  • Tubes of acrylic paint in various colors
  • Foam stamp brushes
  • Seashells


1. Wash the seashells in soapy water and leave them to dry.

2. Then, cover a work surface with paper and store seashells on it. Cover with a coat of acrylic paint, repainting each side the same or different color. Repeat to densify the color as needed. Let dry.

3. Then, draw polka dot patterns using the foam stamp brushes to soak in acrylic paint. Drain the color a little by tapping the tips of the stamps on a piece of paper. Then, press the stamp brushes against the seashells to create the pattern in question. Use various colors and widths of polka dots of your choice.

4. At your choice, draw letters to include a message on the seashells using a fine-tipped brush

5. At the end, have magnets attached to the back of the seashells to decorate your fridge.

Flower Drawing Created with a Fork – Easy to paint activity for even the little ones

Materials and tools needed:

  • Piece of white paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Paper plate (or other support for pouring a few drops of each color of paint)
  • Large and small forks


1. Using a brush and green paint, draw the flower stems on a piece of white paper. Or, make a colored vase of your choice.

2. Pour a few drops of each paint color into the paper plate (whatever paint medium you use).

3. Soak the fork in a paint color of your choice. Then, direct towards the sheet of paper to leave an imprint on each stem. Be sure to wipe and clean the fork before applying the next color! Well, that’s as simple as that!

3D pebble painting – a perfect idea for a painting activity for 4-5-year-olds

Materials and tools needed:

  • Pebbles to decorate
  • 3d painting
  • White acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Empty paper plate or pallet
  • Varnish (optional)

Materials needed:

1. In the case of patties collected from the garden (and not bought ready to decorate), think first of washing, cleaning, and drying them before doing anything with them.

2. Then, repaint the pebbles with white acrylic paint applied with a brush or spray paint to make it easier.

3. Decide on the 3D paint colors to use for the background and apply with a brush so that a rainbow background appears on the support.

4. Draw patterns of your choice in 3D paint. If there are any mistakes, use a cotton swab to erase the stain.

5. To keep the beautiful result longer, cover with a layer of varnish with a matt or gloss finish, depending on the desired effect.

Make a necklace as a gift for mom – activity with paint for children to make in pasta

Materials and tools needed:

  • Dry pasta
  • Acrylic paint + brushes
  • Zip bag
  • Thread
  • Parchment paper


1. Assign a destiny of pasta in a zip-top bag with a few drops of paint, close, and handle with your hands until the pasta is well coated with paint.

2. Line a work surface with parchment paper and pour the pasta over it. Let dry.

3. Once dried, decorate the pastry with patterns in acrylic paint.

4. Finally, thread the pasta on a thread long enough to make a necklace. Tie the two ends of the line and offer this pretty personalized accessory to mom.

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