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In the era of the information technology explosion, online shopping is an inevitable trend in any country around the world. Currently, in the US alone, there are hundreds to thousands of e-commerce websites that are opened with all kinds of necessary products for life. They are brought to these websites, you only need a smartphone or a computer with a With an internet connection, just sitting at home you can buy everything and have someone deliver it to your door.

Nearly everything has its duality, online shopping is no exception. To easily get an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping, for readers to have a more safe online shopping experience, please follow this article.

Benefits of online shopping

Avoid annoying troubles

One of the reasons why many people are afraid to go out shopping is because they are afraid of traffic jams, dust, heat, etc. Not to mention that you have to jostle and queue at rush hour at supermarkets or shopping malls.

Online shopping saves you from these hassles. Not only that, with online shopping, you can also easily view many products, with all sizes and prices to suit your needs, you can freely choose and compare prices before deciding to buy. It doesn’t take long to go from place to place to compare prices.

Going to the store to buy products, most people will buy according to the advice of the salesperson. And employees advise products according to the commission they receive. Brands that pay high commissions to their stores will direct consumers to buy products of that brand. As for online shopping, you don’t have anyone to advise you, you can only watch video reviews, review articles to come to a decision, you can view multiple pages with the same product review to get the best overview.

Saving time

For those who are busy, this is the biggest advantage of online shopping. Instead of wandering around for hours at a shopping mall, you can sit at home and choose your favorite items with the click of a mouse. It only takes you 15 to 30 minutes to find the item you need.

Not only that, you can also be proactive about when to shop. Anytime, whether one o’clock or twelve o’clock, you can still surf the web and order, regardless of the opening hours of the shopping malls.

If you go to a supermarket or shopping mall, I bet it will take you hours even though at first you just think you’re going to buy it and then come back. But when you go to the supermarket, everything is sold in front of you, making it easy for you to swoop in to see other products.

Save money

Online business models often help shop owners save significantly on space costs. This directly helps the selling price of products, which can be significantly lower than similar products at investment shops in terms of space.

If you have researched carefully and are sure the product is satisfactory, it is clear that you can save a considerable amount of money when shopping already.

Compare prices easily

By researching online shopping information, in just a short time with a laptop or smartphone with internet access, you can easily compare product prices, as well as warranty and care policies for customers to the supplier’s customers.

2.Disadvantages of online shopping

Difficult to check the quality of goods when shopping online

This is a problem that makes many people wonder before deciding to shop online. When shopping online, you only see the image of the product, the description of the product is entirely the shop owner’s, which makes many people wonder about the quality as well as the incorrect description. true or incomplete.

To overcome this problem, we should only buy from suppliers with clear product images, many images, product information, origin, clear instructions for use, and only genuine products should be purchased. .

If the product you buy, especially electronics, often has fake goods, you should have the knowledge to distinguish to avoid the case of cheap fake goods, poor quality goods. And especially important, you should only choose reputable sellers like Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express, … and register to receive discount code programs from CouponUpto, CouponXoo,…

Lack of information to make a decision

Many products, when put on the supplier, lack the information that concerns me before buying. To solve this problem, you should contact the supplier to ask more clearly, if the supplier does not give specific information, it is best not to buy. If you need to ask for more product information, you can contact the shop’s Hot Line number or comment below the product for answers. You can also copy the product link to share on related groups to ask and answer product information.

Item received does not match the description or color

This is a problem that many people have encountered, making those who intend to shop online worried and confused. This problem also occurs with famous e-commerce websites, due to packaging errors, if this is the case, you should refuse to receive goods for products that do not match the description or request to ship them back. If you have received the wrong product, please contact customer service for a refund.

For a reputable website, you will be refunded and accompanied by a sweet apology, if the problem is serious, you may even be given a discount voucher.

Above I have analyzed the benefits and disadvantages as well as shared experiences when shopping online. Hopefully, these shares have helped you have a good view of e-commerce and gain more experience to shop online, saving you time and money.

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