Effective Bluetooth Speaker: UE Megaboom Testimonial

Effective Bluetooth Speaker
Effective Bluetooth Speaker

With its IPX7 rating, 360-degree sound, and exceptional battery life, the Megaboom is an excellent Bluetooth speaker.


  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Excellent battery life
  • 60- degree sound


  • No Bluetooth aptX support

The idea remains in the name when it pertains to defining Ultimate Ears’ latest effective Bluetooth speaker volume and audio signature. If your music collection mainly includes loud, hefty tracks with plenty of basses, the Megaboom ought to certainly pique your rate of interest.

It sounds impactful and cozy and is particularly loud near its optimum quantity, making it perfect for an outdoor event, however not necessarily for those looking for a more crucial, flat nose. The Megaboom’s round layout additionally aids its job noise in almost every instruction, staying clear of the directionality fundamental to some portable Bluetooth audio speakers.

While it’s mobile, it’s not the smallest speaker available– Ultimate Ears’ own UE Boom is a smaller-sized alternative for those seeking something they can more easily throw in a bag. The Megaboom exists solely for those that want punchier, louder audio.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom review: Build high quality as well as style

We do like the look of our black review example, but the Megaboom gets also offered in even more bold red, blue, black, and plum tones. No matter your color option, every speaker is IPX7 water-resistant to 1m for approximately 30 minutes, making it wonderful not just to utilize outdoors near the pool but also for more ordinary jobs like a shower speaker. There aren’t any exposed metallic screws to corrosion as we’ve seen on various other water immune audio speakers either.

You need to make specific the water-resistant flaps on the base securely near keep any wetness out. It’s below where you’ll find the micro-USB billing port, together with a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack for linking wired tools. You’ll require to transform the speaker upside down to use it with anything connected in.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom review: Connectivity

The two huge quantity switches along the side are nearly impossible to miss out on, and also the NFC get in touch with factor listed below it is beautiful for quick-pairing suitable mobile phones. There’s a much smaller-sized Bluetooth pairing button for connecting iPhones and various other phones without NFC. The UE Megaboom has an excellent Bluetooth array; we got more significant than 20m far from the speaker before music came to get disrupted. It’s just an embarrassment. There’s no Bluetooth aptX support.

If you have 2 Megaboom Bluetooth audio speakers, you can couple them together as a stereo system to double up on audio results utilizing the UE Megaboom application. It’s available on iOS and Android and allows you to set up the speaker as an alarm. Its most valuable attribute is turning the speaker on from another location utilizing Bluetooth Smart on suitable tools. It’s a primary attribute, however, one that is exceptionally practical.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom testimonial: Battery life & judgment

Battery life was outstanding, many thanks in part to its large 3,600 mAh battery. We managed greater than 15 hrs of playback at tool volume before requiring a fee, placing the UE Megaboom up there with the Bowers & Wilkins T7 for longevity.

There’s not much to dislike about the UE Megaboom, provided you’re satisfied with a hot, bassy sound and its large size. Its IPX7 score, 360-degree sound, and punchy, enjoyable audio go over, and if you want to get a bigger-sized UE Wonderboom speaker, this is it.

How to select the most effective Bluetooth speaker for you

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless modern technology standard that allows interaction over short ranges. Nowadays, Bluetooth innovation has gone through several revisions, is a lot more reputable than ever, and can lug sufficient information for high-grade music. Bluetooth speakers have climbed in popularity.

Every phone and tablet will undoubtedly have support for Bluetooth, as will certainly most laptop computers. Otherwise, a low-cost USB Bluetooth dongle can include a license. These will certainly let you connect your music resource of choice to your Bluetooth speaker– whether it’s a CD in your laptop’s drive, locally saved MP3 documents, or streamed songs from the internet.

It’s worth maintaining an eye out for Bluetooth aptX support for various kinds of Bluetooth and codecs. The aptX codec is generally supported only on more costly Bluetooth speakers due to the licensing expense. Still, it allows for a higher-quality transmission, causing CD-quality tunes without any loss of detail.

Matching a Bluetooth gadget is straightforward: you’ll need to place the speaker right into pairing mode and also look for the speaker on your device. Or else, near-field communication (NFC) can let you match your gadget to an NFC-compatible speaker simply by touching both together, automating the whole process.

Have you repaired or mobile?

You’ll desire one with an integrated battery if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker you can carry around. Any Bluetooth speaker worth its salt will generally last for a minimum of 8 hrs, and also, some will go into dual numbers. Many speakers will charge over a micro-USB cable, which is handy as you can frequently manage just carrying one charger for your Bluetooth, tablet, and smart device speaker. Specific Bluetooth audio speakers aren’t to walk around, meaning they don’t have a battery and will certainly instead require to get linked into your mains. What this absence in transportability they must make up with fuller as well as richer sound.

Ruggedised and also waterproof

Bluetooth speakers make a wonderful vacation or outdoor friends. You can discover water-resistant and ruggedized versions that are optimal to take close to the pool, or on exterior journeys, without bothering with them obtaining damaged. The rugged models will undoubtedly have shock-proofing, indicating they can handle periodically being sprayed or went down. It pertains to water resistance, making certain to check the IPX ranking as that will tell you to what level it can make it through exposure to water. Some water-proof versions will undoubtedly have IPX7, meaning they can make it through being submerged in approximately a meter of water for a minimum of 30 minutes. Less water-proof models might only be IPX4-rated and so can manage a sprinkle.

Speaker vehicle drivers

As Bluetooth audio speakers vary extensively in size, they can have significantly different numbers of drivers inside. The smaller-sized audio speakers might only have one or two chauffeurs, but bigger ones can have substantially more. Different sizes of vehicle drivers will manage various frequency arrays. A woofer will undoubtedly take care of the reduced frequencies so, if you favor bass response, look out for a speaker with a dedicated woofer. Mid-range, as well as tweeters, will undoubtedly take care of the mid as well as higher frequencies specifically. In terms of top audio quality, it’s commonly much better to have a committed vehicle driver for each frequency range rather than fewer drivers carrying out dual responsibilities.

Many Bluetooth audio speakers will also have an integrated microphone, which implies you can use them for hands-free calls. That indicates they can offer a useful twin purpose and are a better option than utilizing your phone’s speaker.

The two big volume switches along the edge are virtually impossible to miss, and also, the NFC contact factor below is excellent for quick-pairing compatible smart devices. There’s a much smaller sized Bluetooth pairing switch for connecting iPhones and other handsets without NFC. The UE Megaboom has a superb Bluetooth array; we got more than 20m far from the speaker before music getting disrupted. It’s merely an embarrassment. There’s no Bluetooth aptX support.

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