4 Best String Trimmers in 2021

Best String Trimmer
Best String Trimmer

Gardens are jobs of love, and selecting the right tools for their care and upkeep can be challenging. You want absolutely nothing yet the ideal!

String leaners make up a crucial part of any garden enthusiast’s toolkit and allow for reliable cutting in locations that a mower could miss. You can find it in a selection of designs, with special functions for specific features.

With the market flooded with good-quality trimmers, choosing the device best fit your horticulture demands verifies a tough job. Along with your residential property’s specifications, there are particular specifications to remember while getting a trimmer. One model may be suitable for a certain period, while another may rack up high on energy-efficiency.

Best String Trimmers

01. EGO ST1521S Power+.

Another superlative item from EGO, this trimmer, is one-of-a-kind! With some of the most eye-catching features we see on leaners, it additionally provides superb worth for cash while delivering a first-rate performance on the grass. Read our evaluation to see on your own!

Why Did We Like It?

The most outstanding aspect of this best string trimmers from EGO is its significant reducing power, which also blazes with 1-inch thick Japanese knotweed. That is the 56-volt battery at play, which, despite its capacity, functions noiselessly and is devoid of odors. It is among the most outstanding cordless versions that make a fast job of huge yard spots regarding run-times go.

Along with capability, it gets furnished with a variety of additional attributes that improve its performance. One of these includes a push-button line lots system, which eliminates the procedure of affixing a brand-new line on the spool head, therefore saving you time. An additional would undoubtedly be the dual-feed spiral spin line, which, combined with the variable speed control, gives the customer considerable flexibility in terms of operation.

Most importantly, none of the features would certainly make an ideal situation in favor of the gadget if it weren’t challenging. The ST1521S is very durable as well as its carbon-fiber shaft comes with a lifelong warranty. Furthermore, you also obtain a 5-year service warranty from EGO. Affordable as well as very easy to maneuver, this version makes for a superb acquisition.

What Could Have Been Better?

VANITY’s trimmer is a capable device with extremely flexible functioning. In regards to its market counterparts, it is not the most portable one, provided its weight. However, this is hardly a contention factor when the product is just as good as this set!

02. VANITY Power+ ST1501-S.

EGO’s trimmer is an upgrade on many versions readily available around and is a trusted companion on difficult lawns. Along with all the functions of a reliable string trimmer, it takes pride in many additional features that establish it apart from the remainder. A power-equipment inside out, the EGO Power+ leaves you wanting a tiny bit.

Why Did We Like It?

EGO’s ideal trimmer takes garden maintenance a couple of notches higher with its incredible effectiveness. Outfitted with a sufficient 56-volt lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor, it delivers an impressive performance equivalent to that of a gas-powered trimmer. Only below, gas and also environmental pollution gets eliminated!

Even more, this motor comes with variable speed setups hence permitting better adaptability and also operational performance. Combined with the 15-inch cutting swath & an extended light-weight aluminum shaft, it produces an experienced gadget skilled in a range of yards. In addition to that, the trimmer features a dual-feed twist line with a 0.095-inch size that protects its time-efficiency better.

Finally, the item is vital and created for extended use in unstable weather conditions. It is very resistant to external elements and abrasion and makes for a problematic companion to any landscapist. If this weren’t sufficient, EGO gives a 5-year restricted guarantee together with a 3-year restricted warranty on battery packs, which is only reflective of the brand name’s faith in its very own items.

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What Could Have Been Better?

This powerhouse of a trimmer is brutal to find fault with, and also, there are no deal-breakers when it pertains to the minor problems it might sometimes experience. The only problem is with its spool replacement, which in some cases presents difficulties. In addition to that, the tool works quickly and scores high in our publications.

03. Husqvarna 967055801.

No checklist of gardening devices is full without a Husqvarna product as well as this is no various. What we have here is an exceptional trimmer from the brand– a complete workhorse that provides hours of service quickly. Please keep reading to discover why it rates so high up on our listing!

Why Did We Like It?

You are in the appropriate place if you are looking for power-packed efficiency from equipment that lasts. It gets equipped with a gas-powered engine. This model removes the need to mix oil and gas and tackle any kind of yard effortlessly. What enhances its effectiveness is the Smart Start attribute that provides a problem-free start-up.

Operational efficiency is type in any type of sturdy tool, and the 967055801 leaves no stone unturned in this regard. Its ergonomic style makes up a flex-drive straight shaft, a loop handle, and a bevel gear to accomplish several tasks. This trimmer is suitable with strings of any type of density, making it all the more functional.

Husqvarna’s trimmer is perfect for sturdy jobs that call for a high degree of functional adaptability. At 17 lbs, it is light sufficient to use on big lawns while continuing to be trustworthy and sturdy. It guarantees years of regular usage and is excellent for the ardent landscape lover and experienced professionals alike.

What Could Have Been Better?

Husqvarna’s quality comes at a price. It gets valued on the higher end of the array. This string trimmer is for a premium purchase and is not economical for the ordinary gardener or landscapist. Nonetheless, you cannot refute it that it is relatively unmatched regarding efficiency. Therefore, it’s worth taking into consideration!


Here is a product of another brand we enjoy as well as understand. DEWALT is a well-established brand name on the planet of power devices. This string trimmer is additional proof of its quality as one of the best trimmers in the market makes for a reliable and durable purchase that demands little maintenance.

Why Did We Like It?

It is to deal with and also sustain. This trimmer is very reliable on the toughest of grass and also conserves a significant quantity of time. Its high-power 20-volt battery provides adequate strength as well as a sufficient run-time. Furthermore, the brushless motor is long-lasting and long-lasting and also requires little to no upkeep.

DEWALT’s trimmer ratings high up on operational performance. Integrated with a dual-line 0.080-inch line with bump feed is a 13-inch reducing swath. What this causes is superior cutting that takes substantially much less time.

Additionally, the trimmer features adjustable speed settings along with variable control for greater run-time, power, and accuracy. In addition to that, the copyrighted equipment drive supplies a lot more torque while maintaining the cutting rate constant. Such functions eventually enable better operational versatility for the user.

The ergonomic style is just one of the high-points of this trimmer. It evaluates only 14 pounds. It is mobile as well as easy to navigate, therefore making specific user convenient. It is cordless, and there are no limitations to the distance it can cover, and it is equally proficient in heavy-duty work. For a rechargeable trimmer of its weight & measurements, this degree of efficiency is difficult to discover!

What Could Have Been Better?

The only flaw this or else exceptional item suffers from is a minor disbalance in regards to design. The trimmer top is a bit heavier than the body, and an individual might locate that tough to handle while mowing. Provided the kind of service it ensures, we feel that the issue is not a deal-breaker.

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